Third Eye Chakra Candle
Third Eye Chakra Candle
Third Eye Candle
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Third Eye Chakra Candle

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100% Organic Coconut & Soy Wax

Ingredients: Organic Soy and Coconut Wax, Organic Soy Dye, Organic Hemp Wick, Reiki Charged Crystals

Each Chakra Candle hand poured with intention to cleanse and balance your chakra. After the candle is finished burning, you will find a reiki charged chakra crystal on the bottom. Each candle also comes with a chakra charm.

Balance your Third Eye Chakra so you can become more intuitive and develop your psychic abilities 

Motto: I See
Mantra: AUM or OM (Creation’s first breath)
Color: Indigo
Overactive: Out of touch with reality, lacking good judgment, unable to focus, prone to hallucinations
Underactive: Rigid in thinking, closed off to new ideas, too reliant on authority, disconnected or distrustful of inner voice, anxious, clinging to the past and fearful of the future