Cord-Cutting Ritual Guide:




~Light the Sacred White Sage Rose Bundle to cleanse your energy by smudging yourself and your space before your ritual.


~After cleansing your space, spray yourself and your room with the Smudge Spray to bring in positivity and enhance your sacred space.


~On three seperate pieces of paper-one for your past, one for your present, and one for your future—write down one thing you wish to release and one thing for which you are grateful. 


~Draw a circle around you with the pointy end, with your hand straight and the Selenite Wand in your hand. Repeat this movement three times. 


~Light the candle with the Dark Rose Petal (which represents your Past) and ask your higher power to help you cut ties with the pain of your past. 


~Say the affirmation out loud and then burn the note in the blessing bowl. 


~Repeat this with the other notes and make sure to light the candle with the Pink Rose Petal (which represents your present) and the candle  with the Yellow Rose Petal (which represents your future) before burning each note.


~After burning all 3 Notes, take out your Selenite Knife.


~ Take your Selenite Knife in your dominant hand, and ask the Universe to give you the strength to cut off all the negative patterns that hold you back and replace them with new, better ones. 


~ Visualize what you want you to cut off from (Past, Now, Future) Start at the top of your head, where your Crown chakra is, and move gently downward. Pass the wand in front of the body all the way down to the toes to cut the cords that may be attached.


~Then, take your Selenite Wand with the dull end and start massaging (in clockwise direction) all of your chakra points - Root Chakra (at the bottom of your stomach), Sacral Chakra (close to your belly button), Solar Chakra (above your belly button), Heart Chakra (the middle of your chest), Throat Chakra (your throat), Third Eye (forehead), and Crown Chakra (top of your head).


~Once you are done, take a few deep breaths and feel the energy radiating within. Simply focus on the beautiful energy you feel. Take a few breaths and open your eyes when you feel ready.