Full Moon Ritual 

~Fill the bathtub with water at a temperature that feels most comfortable. 

As the tub is filling up, take out the Full Moon Bath Salts and Full Moon Bath Soak. 

~Fill the cotton sachet with the New Moon Bath Soak and the Full Moon Bath Salts and place the sachet in the bathtub.

~Step into the bath and soak for about 20-30 minutes. 

~Use the Full Moon Scrub to gently scrub your body with it. Visualize that you’re scrubbing away all the excess energy and emotion that your aura has collected over time.

~As you relax in the water, clear your mind of all unwelcome thoughts and focus on your intention 

to let go of all stress and negativity. Visualize the salt clearing all of the negative energy and restoring your aura to it’s bright and sparkling state.

~Light the sacred smudge stick to cleanse your energy by smudging yourself and your space before your new moon ritual. 

~After smudging, spray your Full Moon Mist in the air around yourself and your space to bring in positivity and to enhance your sacred space. 

~Take out your Silver Bell and ring it a few times around your sacred space to clear your space and create an atmosphere of purity.

~Before you begin your ritual, ring your Silver Bell 3 times to mark the beginning of your ritual.

~Light your Full Moon Candle and sit in a quiet and comfortable position. Ask your higher power to bless and protect this ritual, guarding you from all lower energies and clearing away any blocks to your awareness. 

~Unwrap the Rainbow Moonstone from the smudge bundle and hold it in your palm.

~ Close your eyes and focus on your breath. Take 3 deep breaths through the nose and exhale through the mouth, completely releasing tension in the body. Then visualize a bright healing white light entering through the crown chakra.

~Take a few deep breaths to center and align yourself with your full moon intention. Take out your full moon notebook and a pen. 

~Using your pen and papers which are in the full moon notebook, make a list of affirmations. 

This should be all those things in your life you wish to release with this moon cycle. It could be negative thoughts or behaviour patterns, addictions, situations, people, bad energy or anything you wish to let go of. For example:

•I release myself from….  •I cleanse myself of ….

•I free myself of ….           •I forgive myself for ….

~ Take your piece of paper and burn it in a safe container. As you watch the paper burn, visualize the things you want to release leaving your life.  Say a prayer or affirmation, thanking the universe for helping you let go. 

~ After the list has turned to ash, you can bury these ashes outside or flush them downthe toilet and (again) say:

    “I release what no longer serves me with love” and allow yourself to leave it behind you.”

~Ring your Meditation bell 3 times to mark the end of your ritual.

~Full moons are a powerful time for divination so you may use your moonstone pendelum and pendelum cloth to connect with the divine for guidance. 

~After your divination session, you may place pendulum or crystal on a windowsill during a full moon and let it sit overnight. Leaving your pendulum to bathe in moonlight overnight easily neautralizes negative vibrations and draws in Goddess energy.

~Make a cup of the Full Moon Herbal Tea. Let it brew in hot water for a few minutes before drinking. Relax, breathe deeply and enjoy the feeling of being full of light and love.

~ Rainbow Moonstone is a powerful transformative stone which brings balance, enhances your intuition as well as connecting to Cosmic knowledge and guidance.

~You may keep your Rainbow Moonstone close by or place it on your altar to remind you to follow your intuition as it amblifies balance, harmony and hope while enhancing creativity.