Smudging Guide: How to Cleanse Your Home Using Our House Cleansing Kit


House Cleansing Guide

*Remember to set your intentions before you start your cleansing ritual. For best results, use matches and keep your blessing candles lit until they burn out on their own. If you need to extinguish them, you may snuff them out but do not blow them out.

~Use the Amber Smudge Spray to cleanse and purify yourself, your tools and your space.

~Open your windows/doors so that the negative energy can leave your home.

~Light the White Sage Bundle and starting from your front door walk counter clockwise around your home. Make sure to smudge all corners of your home including your closet, under bed, etc.

~After smudging your home with the White Sage, light the Black Candle  with the intention of clearing all negative energies from yourself and your home.

~Unwrap the Palo Santo + Selenite bundle and take out the palo santo stick, you may place the wildflowers on your altar to attract postivity and bring in the energy of new growth.

~Light the Palo Santo stick  starting from your front door, only this time walk clockwise around your home in order to bring in positive energy.

~Light the White Candle and envision a white light surrounding and protecting you and your home. 

~After you have smudged your whole home, use the Blessing Salt to create a spiritual barrier of protection around  home. You can sprinkle the Blessed Salt in doorways, entrances, under the bed, cabinets, mirrors, window sills and corners of the room.

~Use the selenite wand to remove any stagnant negative energies from your aura or any space you feel needs to be cleared. Place in the corners of a room to create a protective space from negative energy. It casts a protective aura wherever it is placed.