Altar Ritual Kit
Altar Ritual Kit
Altar Ritual Kit
Altar Ritual Kit
Altar Ritual Kit
Altar Ritual Kit
Altar Ritual Kit
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Altar Ritual Kit

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Our Altar Ritual Tool Kit includes every ritual tool you needed to build your own spiritual altar in your own home. Each kit comes with 15 altar tools which are necessary for creating a spiritual altar for rituals and ceremonies.
100% Eco-Friendly, Vegan & Cruelty-Free

*Each Altar Ritual Tool Kit comes with a Ritual Guide

Altar Ritual Kit Includes 15 items:

~Sacred Altar Ritual Candle-
Candle Size: 8 oz.
Burn Time: Approximate 45-50 hours
100% Pure Coconut & Soy Wax-Dressed with Crystals & Herbs~Including Intention-Setting Sticker to supercharge your candle by writing down your personal intention underneath it

~Sacred Altar Smudge Bundle- Wrapped with Palo Santo Palo Santo + Selenite Smudge Bundle & Reiki-Charged Clear Quartz Crystal

~Sacred Altar Smudge Spray- 100% Pure Handcrafted Hydrosol & Essential Oils

~Triple Moon Altar Cloth

~Silver Triple Moon Chalice

~Silver Altar Bell- 3” High

~Silver Altar Offering/Blessing Smudge Bowl

~Altar Selenite Knife- Hand Carved 100% Natural

~Black and White Blessing Salt

~3 Intention Setting Loose Incenses

~Clear Quartz Crystal Pendelum

~Sacred Ritual Tea- 100% Organic Loose Herbs and Flowers