Healing Amber

Healing Amber

Amber is a natural purifier, esteemed for its ability to draw pain and dis-ease from the physical body, as well as the mind and spirit, not only clearing negative or stagnant energies but transforming them into clear, positive energy. Amber is ideal for cleansing and reactivating all the chakras as it helps to balance the emotions, clear the mind and release negative energy. 

Baltic Amber shields your aura and environment from negative and stagnant energies as it provides a “golden protective sheild” protecting your aura against negative energies and harmful EMF radiation emitted from computers, cell phones and wireless devices, electrical appliances etc. 

How Does It Work?

Amber is a fossilized resin from ancient evergreen trees. Amber is electromagnetic and produces large amounts of organic, natural energy. This substance has long been respected as a natural ionizer; it possesses the ability to produce negative ions, known to help to ease pain, boost over-all immunity and stimulate the healing process. Ionization helps protect the human body from various magnetic fields (including EMF and radioactive waves)

Baltic Amber is proven to act as a shield, providing protection from harmful radiation emitted from computers, cell phones and wireless devices, microwave ovens, electrical appliances as well as radiation emitted from industrial accidents. It is said to help draw sickness from the body and negativity from the emotional energy.