Chakra Crystal Healing Guide:

~Light the Sacred White Sage Bundle to cleanse yourself (auric field) and your sacred space or the space in which you will be performing the chakra balance. You may also smudge your Chakra Crystals to cleanse them before and after each session. 


~After cleansing your space, spray yourself and your room with the Aura Smudge Spray to bring in positivity and enhance your sacred space.


~Use the Selenite Wand like an eraser of negative energy all around your aura. Start from the top of your head and simply run it through your aura all the way down under your feet to clear your energy. You can also place Selenite in any room to heighten the vibration of the space or use it to calm tense muscles.  


~Take out your Chakra Candles and find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.


~First set your intention before lighting the Chakra Candles. Either you write them on a paper or take a few moments to visualize your intention. Start with lighting the Root Chakra  (Red) Chant: “LAM” then the Sacral Chakra (Orange) Chant: “VAM”, Solar Chakra (Yellow) Chant: “RAM”, Heart Chakra (Green) Chant: “YAM” , Throat Chakra (Blue) Chant: “HAM”, Third Eye Chakra (Indigo) Chant: “OM” Crown Chakra (Purple) Chant: “AH”


~ Take out all 7 Chakra Crystals


~ Lie down and arrange the healing stones along your chakras by color. Start with the root chakra and work your way up to encourage the flow of energy.


1. Place the Root Chakra Stone (Red Jasper) on the body at the base of the spine

2. Place the Sacral Chakra Stone (Carnelian) below the belly button

3. Place the Solar Chakra Crystal (Citrine) above the belly button

5. Place the Heart Chakra Stone (Green Aventurine) on the center of the chest

7. Place the Throat Chakra Stone on the throat

8. Place the Third Eye Chakra Stone (Amethyst) between the eyebrows

9. Place the Crown Chakra Crystal (Clear Quartz) above the head


~Relax and remain within this layout for about 15-30 minutes.


~Remove the stones in the opposite order they were placed. Start with the stone from the Crown Chakra and end with the stone at the Root Chakra.


~Be sure to drink plenty of water, eat a light snack, or go for a little walk. This will help to re-ground yourself. You want to stabilize that healing energy within your body.